Earn Yield on Your Tokens. In One Click.

qPools provides personalized access to all yield opportunities on the Solana blockchain. Transparent about risks and returns, and decentralized.

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Supported Protocols & Awards

Why qPools?

qPools empowers you. It is a one-stop-shop for all matters DeFi. It is transparent, allowing you to double-check exactly where your assets go into, and exactly understand your net profit or losses for individual positions. qPools makes passive yield accessible to everyone.
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  • Fragmented
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  • Convenient

    Don't let your assets sit in your wallet and miss out on additional income opportunities! We provide information and connect to dozens of DeFi protocols so you don't have to do so manually. We provide you with a portfolio-building toolkit and suggest risk-adjusted strategies to allocate your portfolio. You have the final say.
  • Transparent & Decentralized

    No need to trust third-party brokers or banks. Your track your assets from the point when you deposit into yield generating opportunities up until when you withdraw your funds. qPools is non-custodial, meaning that you are the sole owner of your assets.
  • Personalized & Income Generating

    All your assets get allocated in yield-generating protocols, which allow you to generate passive income and be an active member of the ecosystem. We look at the assets in your wallet, and your risk-appetite. You have the final say into what protocols, and what assets you want to be exposed to.

3 Simple Steps

qPools makes it easy to leverage the tokens in your wallet and access passive income opportunities on the Solana blockchain in a way that's fully customized for you.

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    Connect Your Wallet
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    Customize Your Portfolio
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    See how much you Earn and Take Profits

How It Works

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    Connect Your Wallet

    Connect Your Wallet. qPools will scan all major tokens in your wallet and suggest some passive income opportunities for these tokens.
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    Customization & Portfolio Optimization

    Our smart algorithm for portfolio optimization will suggest the best distribution among products in the DeFi ecosystem, looking for the best yield while mitigating the risk exposure of your assets. Don't like it? Go ahead and modify how much tokens you want to distribute to each underlying asset. You have complete control over your tokens and your portfolio.
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    Once you confirm the allocation, the qPools smart contract is allocating the tokens to the underlying protocols and pools accordingly. qPools allows you to track exactly which path the tokens in your wallet take to go exactly to the target protocol.
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    Start Earning

    Relax while generating a passive income at a risk level of your choice. You can come back and view your profit and loss compared to your initial deposits website.
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    Redeem Portfolio

    Want to use your tokens for anything else, right now? You can redeem your positions and portfolio at any time. qPools does not lock up any assets, giving you peace of mind that you can withdraw your tokens at any time.

Our Roadmap

No Roadmap is final. Please expect chaos along the way.


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